Student Testimonials

What real students have to say

These comments are from students that have taken the Quantum Grad Prep online course, or I have taught them in person or in an online format.

"Quantum GRE was exceptional. I studied in this program for less than a week and found myself to do fine on the exam. There's a lot of information to soak up so I'd certainly give yourself more time to study --- but this is the best program for Quant I've seen. Cheers," Josh

"If your target in the GRE QUANT is a PERFECT SCORE, then after signing up you just got your self in the safe hands of Dabral, who would steer you through all the basics and from the bottom up to the toughest problems you get in the GRE. Believe me the way Dabral disect the problems in a step by step procedure, equipping you with the tools and strategies to counter each question type, the solution to some of the "TOUGHEST PROBLEMS" seem like they were the simplest problems. If you want a foundation and real grounding for your quant skills for GRE and your professional career development GREQUANTUM is the only way to go. Besides, I would like to add that Dabral is not only a great teacher but also a great human being which is evident from the fact that he extended my subscription to the GREQUANTUM course by 1 month without paying extra cost when I informed him that I wasn't able to complete the course in time due to work and family obligations. If I have to choose 1 word to express my experience, then I believe it is just amazing. Achieving a Perfect Score could not have been much easier." Farooq Ali Khan

"I am so lucky to have found GRE Quantum! It gave me so much confidence and I now believe I can get the score I need. There are so many prep programs out there but this one is straightforward and touches on all the key topics clearly. I would highly recommend and advise anyone serious about a great score to give GRE Quantum. Well done guys! Keep up the great work. A fan from Johannesburg" Randa

"I achieved a perfect score of 170 on GRE Quant section. This was only made possibly because of help I received from Dabral & GRE Quantum. Talking to Dabral helped me realise that a High Score is a function of: solving at High Accuracy, High Speed, High Difficulty and High Volume (of practice questions). Dabral supplied me with additional, tricky, real GRE practice problems. Practicing on these was key to developing confidence and proved to be a differentiating factor on test day. Finally, Dabral was always on hand to help out with any problems via e-mail. For anyone serious about their GRE Quant prep, I strongly recommend Dabral & GRE Quantum. It's a must." Abhishek G.

"In my opinion not all GRE Quant practice questions are created equal and that's why the Dabral philosophy of 'actual, past GRE questions above-all-else' holds immense merit. I've found material on this website helpful: the high-quality concept videos are supplemented by an even-better pool of exercises, and lots of past GRE questions. Very professional service = +1 happy customer." A

"I enrolled in the GREQuantum subscription and have been greatly pleased by the quality of the videos. You need all the help you can get. Fully explained question do just this. All the videos are clearly illustrated and the multitude of problems leaves you feeling prepared for the exam. I recommend all students to pair their study preparation with official material and this guide to maximize their scores. Studying directly from GRE material is the best way to prepare for this exam and this course has been of tremendous help. Thanks." David Cheng

"One year ago I prepared with Dabral's video-lessons for the Gmat (starting from scratch, since math was a subject completely unknown to me), and the result was astonishing. I recently had to take the Gre too, and of course I bought Dabral's Gre course! As usual his lessons have made the difference: I scored 165/170 in the quant, and I'm very, very happy with this result. From my point of view, his course is really the best prep course you can ever get. It explains in an exact, easy-to-get and intuitive way all the concepts that are needed in order to succeed. Moreover, it has a lot of official Gre exercises (with very useful explanations of the solutions) that really help you practicing the concepts learned... So, again, thank you, Dabral!!" Silvia Malnati

"I have been out of school for about 15 years. I am planning on taking the GRE in December. I have to say that I have seen a lot of videos and tutorials and yours is very well done. You have a great teaching style and a very clear and succinct explanation of the material. Thank you for posting these videos. Its been a while since I have done any quant and look forward to your GRE course to prepare me for the Quant portion. Thanks again" Tony

" Your product is THE BEST AVAILABLE for the MOST REASONABLE PRICE! Very well explained, thorough, and very well organized! For the sake of more official practice, I would pay an additional $250 (as I'm sure many others would too) for this course to have the 10th edition's (7 tests) quant sections solved in the same manner you did these. You just don't find that anywhere. However, even without that, is STILL #1 product available for GRE quant preparation at the BEST price! Thank you very much for creating this! Very respectfully," Jesse Hernandez

"Thank you SO MUCH for posting these. The official book does not have explanations for the math review section and I was going nuts trying to figure out how to do the problems." Sam

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for letting us access your tutorial videos. The content and quality are absolutely amazing. They are easy to follow and the explanations are clear and concise. They helped me a lot! I would recommend them to everybody studying for the GRE. All the best! " Sofia

"Dabral was the best investment I made in regards to my GRE preparation. He was referred to me by a friend who had used him, and I continue to refer him to others. When I first came to Dabral I was really struggling with the math portion of the exam, and I didn't know where to start. He came up with a 4 week manageable game plan that included covering the four basic topics of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and stats. He assigned homework and I met with him weekly (sometimes twice) to review. Dabral is such a great resource because he knows exactly what is going on with the exams, he even takes them himself to stay up to date. He knows what text resources to utilize, what not to waste your time on, and tricks to save time on your test day. I went from scoring in the mid 140's on practice exams to a 152 math score on my test day, a result I was quite pleased with!" Brittany

"I had begun studying for the GREs thinking that the Princeton Review book would suffice. After one month of studying this book, I was extremely unhappy with my score, and sought out private help. Dabral was a great instructor, and worked patiently with me to improve my score. In five sessions, my score went from a 145 to 154 (a 30% increase!). He is very familiar with the exam and can help you focus on the types of questions that will likely appear, the necessary strategies and the available shortcuts, which are invaluable." Liz

"Having been waitlisted by my top choice and not gotten in, I was under immense pressure to do well on my GRE. My math component was particularly weak and after two unsuccessful attempts, I decided to seek help. Dabral came with excellent recommendations and numerous testimonials by others like me. After my initial call Dabral outlined an efficient game plan to help make the most effective use of my time and skills. I was dubious about my ability before his help, but after only 3 weeks of tutoring I felt so much more confident (and yes, even excited) about my ability to do math. I was both surprised and confident in my improved score of almost 15 points! If you would like to improve your score, Dabral can't be beat. He is affordable, creative, patient, and most all- serious about his concern to help you do well. Many thanks Dabral :)" Stephanie

"I had taken the GRE three years previously, gotten a 143 Quantitative and 165 Verbal, and didn't get accepted to grad school. Obviously my math GRE was the weak point (143 was my score after weeks of studying on my own) so this time I found a tutor, Dabral. I expected a lot of frustration, because math questions on the GRE are especially tricky, and last time, I panicked during the test and didn't complete all the problems. Dabral organized our month of tutoring together into four sections comprising the four areas of the test, and worked with me from simple problems to more advanced ones. Over and over again he reinforced the concepts I had trouble with, illustrating the logic from different points of view -- verbal, numerical, intuitive, algebraic. His relaxed and friendly manner helped me gain the confidence that was largely responsible for improving my Quantitative score to 155 (and my Verbal to 170), which in turn was largely responsible for my getting admitted to my school of choice, with a graduate instructor position, full tuition waiver and yearly stipend -- the whole reason I wanted to retake the test in the first place. Thanks Dabral; I was lucky to find you!" Jonathan

"Dabral is the best kept secret on how to study for the GRE. I would not waste my money on any of the big review courses. If you follow his advice, and put in the work your scores will definitely improve. He helped me raise my quantitative scores by 10 points. He is very good at quickly assessing where you are missing information about a particular problem and then explaining the missing information in a way that is easy to understand and easy to remember." Jennifer

"I have never been strong in math. Ever. In addition to my inherent math weakness, I've been out of school for 10 years. You could say I was a little nervous about taking the math section of the GRE earlier this year. About having to re-learn everything from multiplying fractions and calculating angles right on through probabilities. I had taken the GRE once before. My math score was abysmal then. But with only a few months of Dabral's help, I got a higher score than I ever thought possible! I daresay a very respectable score, even for a non-math phobe. I'm not saying Dabral did the studying for me. But his patience, optimism and clear explanations made me believe that studying would eventually pay off. And it did. He was flexible, always there when I needed him, highly responsive to emails, and a real lifesaver. I highly, highly recommend his tutoring to anyone taking a math test at any level." Julia

"I am planning on applying to competitive Ph.D. programs and know that my GRE scores decide whether my application is even processed. That being said, the stakes for the GRE are very high for me, and the entire test itself was causing me a lot of stress and upset. I tend to be stronger in the verbal area than the math and I knew that I was only going to be able to go so far in the quantitative department on my own. I had studied a lot using the Princeton Review and Kaplan books (I even took a Princeton Review Course) but it seemed like the Princeton Review and Kaplan study guides created as many questions for me as they answered. Therefore, I went to Dabral a few weeks before my test and he made certain that I understand the basic and prominent laws that underlie many of the GRE questions. He was patient and very adaptive to my problem solving approaches. Dabral's method of giving you the ETS questions really helps students get a firm grip on what to expect on the test and he also taught me many shortcuts that saved me a lot of time. Finally, having Dabral as my tutor moved my studying along at a much faster pace because every time I encountered a quandary when I was studying, I knew I could put it aside and ask Dabral at our next meeting, instead of stabbing at it in the dark for hours on my own. Tutoring with Dabral enabled everything to finally come together, and I felt very competent and confident as my test day approached. I am now done with the GRE and have a score that does not merit taking it again, so I am a very happy person and thank Dabral very much for the outcome." Taylor

"When I called Dabral I had two weeks to prepare for the GRE exams. My goal was to get a 144 in the quantitative section which I thought was near impossible stemming largely from my great phobia for all things numeric and the lack of time. To make matters worse, I had not looked at a math book for 12 years. I wasn't sure how much I would learn in two sessions and was very happy with Dabral's practical approach. He is good at working with what is available and is good at focusing on your strengths and buttressing the weak points with little facts and tips. He knows his subject very well and is very good at directing you to what is most advantageous for your test score. I took the test after fours of math with Dabral and got 145. It made me wish I had contacted him earlier and left four weeks of studying for math." Tsering

"I found Dabral online and was immediately impressed with his honesty. His posting advised people to use only official GRE materials (rather than Kaplan or Princeton) because they are more effective and precise; he genuinely wants people to do well regardless if they choose to prepare with him. His rates are reasonable and definitely competitive. Once we started working together, I was even more convinced that the decision to study with Dabral was a good one. He is extremely patient - even when I got frustrated! - and is excellent at what he does. He's not only a math whiz, but he knows how the GRE test operates and gives the student really good tips for strategizing and being able to anticipate specific challenges and aspects of the test. I felt as prepared as I could be by working with Dabral and I got great results. I met my goal of increasing my score to what is considered competitive for my first choice school. I even increased my writing score (not my urgent goal), which I attribute to being able to relax and feeling like I knew what I was doing - thanks to Dabral." Rachel

"I give Dabral a five star recommendation for being the most effective factor in helping me achieve the GRE Math score I needed to qualify for a Ph.D. program at Columbia. After paying $1500 for a Kaplan class, I found myself feeling frustrated, confused and incapable of moving far beyond my diagnostic math score. I followed every Kaplan suggestion carefully, surveying hours of online materials, attending every class, memorizing all 100 math concepts, and studying every weeknight and weekend. Yet, Kaplan did not offer me the individual attention I needed to hone in on the skills and concepts I struggled with most. Before meeting Dabral, my math score had only increased 2 points after three months of study time. I found Dabral to be highly qualified, personable, attentive and effective in his methods. Many people advertise their services based on the fact that they "get" math. But it takes more than math genius to be a good tutor. Dabral had that combination of math skills, GRE expertise, structure, and attentiveness to prepare me for the exam. He uses the basic GRE book and Power Prep materials to walk you through the exam start to finish, carefully explaining the "why" behind math concepts that Kaplan merely glosses over with their backdoor strategies. He breaks each week down into the four basic concepts, covering in-depth algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and data analysis. In addition, I felt that Kaplan's math materials were far more involved and difficult than they needed to be. Dabral is responsive, easy to schedule with, and provided me with homework after each session. I was happy to tell him that in 3 short weeks with him my score improved 10 points. I have no doubt if I had contacted him sooner, my score would have increased even more. I highly recommend Dabral to anyone studying for the GRE, no matter what your skill level. I honestly think I should have saved my $1500 and just contacted Dabral instead, it was that much more effective. Feel free to contact me through Dabral if you have questions or would like more information. Good luck!" Mateo

"When I first decided to take a shot at the GRE, I bought one of the standard study guides and enrolled in a group study course. Since it had been over two decades since I had last studied math, the quantitative part of the GRE was a total mystery to me. Unfortunately, the group study course wasn't sufficiently individualized for me and the math concepts went right over my head. Then I found Dabral! As we analyzed my (pathetic) math skills, I realized that I needed to re-learn math, starting from about the 1st grade a daunting task! But with Dabral's thorough, step-by-step program, his individualized pacing, and his unending patience explaining, and re-explaining, the concepts, I progressed farther and faster than I anticipated. More importantly, I actually enjoyed math for the first time! Within two months, I was able to take the GRE and obtain a much higher score than I ever thought possible and high enough to apply competitively to my first choice graduate program." Jane

"I was totally frustrated and lost in the face of the GRE, but I felt very lucky to have stumbled upon Dabral. He was a very effective tutor. I would recommend him to anyone. I had taken the courses and read the books but sessions with Dabral are what really helped. The reason why his tutoring was so helpful was because he has a great understanding of standardized tests and how to explain them. whereas classes are a general overview of strategy, Dabral pinpoints the areas where you need work and picks out problems that are specialized for the necessary skill set. He is extremely well organized and has a huge library of problems categorized by area and difficulty. When I had trouble with a certain problem, he would pull out a few more that were similar so I could solidify the strategy in solving that type of problem. If you are struggling with math for any test, he's your man." Stephanie